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Post by, November 15, 2018


The competitive encounter of clay modelling was organized by THE ZOOLOGICAL PARK, ALIPORE on 15th November, with a fairly large number of interested participants, and, the event was a tremendous success. The event was organized as a shift in the norm, and as an inviting means to stroke the creative talents of the students. From our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, TOMOGHNA MAJUMDER, DEBAGHNIK DEY, SAMPRITI PAL and I were lucky enough to be chosen. The turn up and the enthusiasm was notwithstanding the fact that a large number of participants had little if any experience of subtle and skillful art of clay modelling. The participants in the competition worked patiently and laboriously for a stipulated duration .The venue was a feast for the eyes with the lush green fields and trees all around. There were displayed some awe – inspiring pieces of clay all around the area based on the theme -” BEAR AND TURTLE “.

Since it was the first attempt for many of the students, some clay artists were present to guide. At the end of the competition, the outcome was a fascinating collection of beautiful and thought provoking creations in clay. The judges patiently surveyed the diverse set of artworks and were extremely impressed by the amount of effort and skill displayed by the teenagers. The most exciting was the level of interaction we all had, the enthusiastic exchange of ideas and friendly banter around us, which all added to the spirit of celebration.

I was AWARDED THE SECOND PLACE IN THE COMPETITION and my joy knew no bounds at this. I was awarded with a check of Rs 3,000, a certificate for merit and another for participation. It was a great learning opportunity for budding artists in an unexplored domain.

Bristi Saha


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