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Post by, November 15, 2018

“Yuvakarshan”- the Youth Conference, a fest organized by DPS Newtown on 16th October 2017, held a workshop on ‘Potochitro’  an age old art form of India. In the said workshop,I represented my school DPS, North Kolkata under the guidance of Nabanita ma’am. We met at DPS Newtown, Gate no. 2 and registered ourselves by 9:20 am and were given our Identity cards and food coupons. The volunteers were assisting the participants to sit in the auditorium for the opening ceremony. Around 25 schools participated in the ’Yuvakarshan’. All were eagerly waiting with great enthusiasm for the programmes to begin. Madam Sonali Sen, The Principal, DPS Newtown School inaugurated the programme with other eminent guests of Honour. After a lovely and brief breakfast we reported to our venue which was the Western Music Room on the second floor of the school. We were offered comfortable sitting and were given our paper, paints and paintbrushes. The two professionals who came there gave us our topic for drawing. It was a married Brahman lady. The workshop started at 10:35am and lasted till 1:30pm. In the workshop we were introduced to the subject form of art. We were showed some of the ‘potochitro’ paintings made by using natural colours extracted from fruits and vegetables The process of making the the colour extracts usable by thickening it like real paint was also described to us . I realized that it really requires patience and dedication. It was amazing to know that the art is practised by everyone in the artisan’s family. We were given to try our hands on the ‘potochitro’ style. I enjoyed drawing the sketch in its own unique relaxed patterns that when painted finally comes out as a method of storytelling. On completing we submitted our paintings and I was feeling very happy to get the scope of being introduced to the unique art style of rural Bengal. Then we left for the cafeteria to have our lunch. The added fun of the workshop was to make new friends while learning new things. For me it was time well spent. I will treasure this memory forever in the deepest core of my heart and I would cherish this memory whenever I make ‘potochitro’.

Sambodhi Ghosh

Class VII C


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