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Post by, September 27, 2019



On 20th September, 2019, Sayontika Sengupta and I from D.P.S. North Kolkata went to attend a sculpture workshop at Indus Valley World School. Apart from our school, many renowned schools of Kolkata more were present to be a part of this event. A famous Sculptor was also present to mentor us. It was an enriching experience as several techniques were presented and taught to us which helped us to know more about this art. As the event was organized to commemorate’ World Peace Day’. We made a book under a derby hat with leaves fallen upon them out of Natural Clay. Peace was the name of the book. Through the sculpture we depicted two meanings.Leaves fallen on the derby hat and the book symbolizing nature, preaching the importance of peace and harmony. Reading a book is like taking a trip down the memory lane and the derby hat with leaves tells about that one person who with a book had helped to spread the ideas of peace far and wide. Our ideas and work received tremendous appreciation from everyone present. It was indeed a fulfilling experience and I am grateful to my school for giving me an opportunity to be a part of such an interesting event


Ritika Ghosh, DPS North Kolkata

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