Workshop: Shift of Paradigm

Resource person: Smt. Chitralekha Bhaskar

Date: 13th April, 2019

Class: Lower nursery to V

A workshop on ‘Shift of Paradigm’ was organized at Delhi Public School, North Kolkata on 13th April, 2019. It was conducted by resource person, Smt. Chitralekha Bhaskar who enlightened the teachers with tips on effective classroom management.

The workshop focused on the elements of classroom management which include- content management and conduct management. Various activities were undertaken to illustrate these elements with an involvement of the listeners.

Mrs. Bhaskar emphasized that there are innovative methods of teaching that are available at hand and teachers should be curious enough to find out about and use them. The responsibilities and duties of teachers must be parallel to the needs and the creative minds of the children. Teachers also have the added responsibility of understanding the ever-growing and animated mind of a child.

Activities done:

  • Story about “Smile”
  • Activity on the good qualities of the teachers- A paper was attached at the back of the teacher’s dress and two minutes were given to fill the page by their colleagues- What others thought about you.
  • How to teach increasing and decreasing order (height wise).
  • How to teach alphabetical order.
  • Emotion activity- Chits were given to groups of teachers and they had to perform the word written on the chit without saying any words.
  • Performance test of teachers to enhance their teaching skills.


The workshop was an interactive one which helped the teachers devise innovative strategies which can be applied in real classroom situations. Overall, it was an excellent refresher for the teachers.


Riya Dutta & Priyam Roy (Primary Teachers – DPSNK)