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Western Music Concert by Bhagat House – DPS North Kolkata

Post by, November 15, 2018

We, humans are social beings. We need a society to live in, friends to talk to and elders to rely upon. Expressing our thoughts and feelings has always been important for us. We chose language over howling and waving our hands. Music is similarly no less than a tool for expressing our feelings.

On 19th of April, we, the students of Bhagat house of DPS North Kolkata hosted a concert on Western Music. Different genres of music such as country, classic, etc were performed. The audience comprised of the students of class 8, volunteers and teachers of respective classes. The songs included “Country Roads” by John Denver, expressing our bond with our country houses,  “Imagine” by John Lennon, a song which dreams of a better world, the classic “Five Hundred Miles” , the popular “All we know” by The Chain Smokers and “Waving Flag” by K’naan. We, the performers were greeted by a very impatiently waiting audience. However, after the programme was concluded with HM ma’ams speech, the crowd cheered loudly.


The programme was a short one and so was our time allotted for preparing. The long breaks and the Zero periods were allotted for our rehearsals though it was not ample time but we managed .During our rehearsals, the presence of our House Mistresses – Suchismita ma’am and Asha ma’am really gave us lot of support. They encouraged us when we gave up hope, scolded us yet supported us all along.

Prasun sir, our music teacher had guided us when played the wrong notes or when we sang out of tune. We couldn’t have done half of what we performed, without Sir. He not only corrected our Rhythms and helped us maintain the tempo but also gave his own inputs which made the songs even more pleasant to listen to

It was the first time ever that Shreyan Ray of class VIII D had performed on stage. Even during the rehearsals, he used to use his guitar to express his over excitement by playing a Rock-genre solo or by jumping as if metal springs were attached to the bottom of his feet. Srijita Ray of class VIII D said “It was the most wonderful feeling when we were asked to sing the last song – Waving, Flag again!” Other senior performers too felt the same way!

It was a wonderful opportunity for those of us who love music and we love our school too for providing us with such opportunities and at the same time maintaining our academic performances. And we don’t feel childish at all when we say, “WE LOVE DPS NK!!” It comes from our heart.





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