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Visit to Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality

Post by, November 14, 2018

This year the project on which science club students will work is Waste Management. So, on 23rd June, 2018, 28 students of science club were brought to Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality by school bus.

When a disease breaks out, we blame the environment around us but we don’t think that the cause of the diseases lay within us. We pollute the environment by our thoughtless indifference and selfish actions. Proper waste management is needed to ensure the protection of environment and human health. Waste management is intended to reduce the adverse effect on health, the environment or aesthetics. So, I Uttarpara Kotrung Municipality, we were shown, how they treat the waste products created by us.

At first they weigh the biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes. Next, they separate the biodegradable and non- biodegradable wastes manually. After this the rag pickers pick the products which can be reused. The biodegradable product then goes for processing and producing bio compost. These wastes are taken about 10 tons and the plastics are removed from the waste again manually. Then they are kept as a heap of 8 ft height with a 12 ft base in 7 columns (for 7 days) and each column having 4 rows. One heap is kept for seven days and then they are turned and transferred to the next row. A lot of heat gets generated by the wastes and also the outer part is decomposed by the aerobic bacteria and the inner part by anaerobic bacteria. The liquid produced in this process is very poisonous and is collected in a separate tank. It is again used two purposes – 1. Used in bio gas plant and 2. If the temperature of the waste heap rises above 80 degree, it is showered on the heap to reduce the temperature. The final product from this heap of biodegradable waste is the bio compost. They are packaged and sold to the farmers of local people at a very cheap price.

The whole procedure was explained by Mr. Sanjiv Roy, the technical person and Mr. J. Basu, Mr. Parthapratim Basu, the supervisor and Mr. Rahul Prasad. The project in charge is Mr. Rathidra Bhattacharjee, who also explained the whole process to us. We were also provided with refreshments by the municipality authorities.

The experience was enriching and I was very glad to see that our municipality is working very hard to make our environment healthy and pollution free as far as possible. Due to their great effort the project win a global award in urban solid waste management in the ‘C40 Mayors’ Summit’ held in Mexico City in the year 2017. It was real beneficial learning experience for us and all of us were encouraged to take small steps to make the world pollution free.

Brishti Saha

Class VIII C


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