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Post by, November 15, 2018

On 18 January 2017, we visited the Ancestral home of Swami Vivekananda in Kolkata. We were taken over there in our school bus by our class teachers. When we reached, the people of Ramkrishna Mission welcomed us and took us upstairs. We had to leave our shoes outside and had to maintain silence. We were also not allowed to take photographs. The front portion of the house is newly built of marble.

Upstairs we sat in a balcony and watched a video which was on the early life of Swamiji. We also saw a huge wall sculpture of the Sapta Rishis meditating and the Lord in the shape of a baby embracing one Rishi and speaking in his ears. It is based on the Divine Call that Swamiji got from Sri Ramkrishna before his birth.

After seeing these we entered the old house of Swamiji. The rooms were small but very neat and clean. The furniture was heavy with black polish. There were beds, chairs, tables, book-shelves with many old books and dressing tables. There were prayer rooms and prayer halls. We also saw wax dolls of Swamiji as a child doing many extraordinary things, Swamiji having a vision of Gautama Buddha, and, dolls of brothers (Mohendranath Dutta and Bhupendranath Dutta), father (Biswanath Dutta) and grandmother ( Shyamasundori Devi) sitting in their rooms meditating or reading.

We saw things that were used by Swamiji and his family members, like, clothes, games and physical exercise articles, daily use and prayer offering articles in the house of Swamiji. There were many pictures and statues of Swamiji, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev, Ma Sarada, Sister Nibedita in the house.

We learnt many things and enjoyed the trip with our friends.




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