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Post by, November 15, 2018

We the students of class VIII were very happy as we visited the “BARANAGAR STATE GENERAL HOSPITAL” on 14/09/2017(Thursday). There we received a lot of information on different subjects from the Superintendent- “JAYOBRATI CHATTERJEE” and the Nursing Superintendent- “SUTAPA GHOSH DASTIDAR”. The hospital had two sections-

I. “PREVENTIVE SECTION”- “IMMUNIZATION and VACCINATION” are given in this section to prevent different diseases like- ‘POLIO’ and ‘SMALL POX’. Pregnant women are also taken care of in this section. The foetus in the mother’s womb is also injected with different vaccines from time to time to ensure its health and growth.

II. “CURATIVE SECTION”- The people affected with different diseases are treated and cured in this section. The minor illness is cured with ‘Medicines’ whereas the major illness is operated by qualified doctors.

The hospital has a number of useful facilities like MEDICAL TREATMENT for diseases like DIARRHOEA, PNEUMONIA, DENGUE, MALARIA etc. The hospital also has a Surgical Ward in which operations of THROAT, EYES and GALL BLADDER are performed. Unfortunately, the hospital has no ORTHOPAEDIC or CANCER sections.

We also came to know about many other things including expired medicines, injections can be TOXIC. So, it is advised by doctors to check the date in the LABEL PANEL before taking any medicine or injections. A person who takes expired medicines and injections can FAINT, suffer through HIGH FEVER and can develop RASHES on their body.

The hospital has a 24 HOUR OPEN MEDICINE SHOP which approves 65.5% discount on the Maximum Retail Price [MRP]. The hospital also has a 24-HOUR SERVICE AMBULANCE certified by the government of WEST BENGAL.

The superintendent of the hospital- “Smt. JAYOBRATI CHATTERJEE” warned us about the fraud news spread by MEDIA regarding the carelessness of the doctors and nurses. She explained us that all the doctors and nurses in the world give their 100% to cure a patient rather than running after money.

We are thankful to our school which conducted this excursion for us so smoothly and helped us to gather so much information which helped us to know more about ‘MEDICAL SCIENCE’.

Upatishra Kumar Chandra


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