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Post by, February 13, 2019


Delhi Public School North Kolkata organised “Veracity 2018”, the Annual cultural programme of our school on the 21st and 22nd of December 2018. This is the event we all wait for throughout the year, for this is the time to appreciate the achievements and showcase the talents of students who have helped us to reach this height and create a niche for ourselves. The world is full of gems and we are proud to have some in our school who have contributed to the making of this year’s Veracity. We were expectant that these days will be full of exuberance and excitement and will create memories to be treasured.

We began with the National Anthem both days. On 21st morning we had as our Guests of Honour, Madam Sonali Sen, Principal of DPS Newtown and Mrs. Arni Seal, author and social worker. Our Guest of Honour in the evening same day was Mr. Suddhaniya Karan, Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya I, Saltlake, Kolkata. On 22nd morning we had as our Guest of Honour, Dr. Othman Boulussa, Spate Doctorate in Bio-Physics, Doctorate in Physical Chemistry and retired as Guide Researcher in Curie Institute, Paris. We also had Dr. Debabrata Nag, Prof. of Mechanical Engineering at Jadavpur University on the same day. After the introduction and felicitation of the Guests on all the three occasions we had the Lamp lighting ceremony by our Management and Guests. This ceremony had a unique feature this time. The Chorus sang while the lamp was lighted and rows of teachers and students walked up to the stage with little lamps lit in their hands. They came and stood in front of the stage. This was followed by speeches by the guests and our Principal Ma’am.

On 21st morning, the main programme began with a Choir performance by students of Class IV. It was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. Our Guests of Honour, Trustee sirs and Principal ma’am gave away the prizes to the deserving students. Then the students of Classes IV staged a rocking performance on Folk dances over the world. We had an African folk dance, a German folk dance, a Malaysian folk dance, a Czech folk dance, a South American folk dance, a Turkish dance, a Japanese dance and a Pakistani dance. This was followed by a Hindi Play ‘Andher Nagri Chowpat Raja by the students of IX and XI.


The evening programme that day began with an Instrumental performance by students of  Classes VI and VIII. This was followed by Prize distribution, an English play and a Bengali play.

The theme of the English play was to raise children in the best way possible. However, most of the parents raise their own children. The thought of raising the children of others, who are orphans or physically and or mentally challenged and under- privileged is a challenge in itself. The Sound of Music is a 1965 American musical drama film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The Sound of Music Replayed which our friends had put up was an adaptation of this story of the Von Trapp family. In our version, we have made some changes; Captain Von Trapp was shown as a retired Major here and Fraulein Maria had been transformed from a governess to a teacher of Major Plummer’s small school (Graz special School) for “The under- privileged and mentally challenged.”

The Major with his very curt and sharp- tongue whistling to the children much to the disgust and embarrassment of Maria, the children too naughty and Maria very sweet, understanding and patient was altogether entertaining and message- bearing. We watched the journey of Maria from a carefree young maiden to a caring mother of God’s children.

The Bengali play was a performance of the legendary dance drama Tasher Desh by Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur. In our daily life we face conflicts and competitions but remember it is only the passionate ones who win over at last. The circus of education was checked out exhaustively in this play.

On the morning of 22nd December, the main programmes apart from Prize distribution were the Choir performance, an Instrumental STRINGS AND TUNES by Classes IX, X and XI and Folk dances over the world performed by students of V and VI.

On all three occasions the function was brought to a conclusion after a vote of thanks by our respected Principal Ma’am.


A Teacher.

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