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Post by, November 14, 2018

The enlightening competition named, UK READING CHALLENGE held on 15th November was organised by BRITISH COUNCIL, with a large number of enthusiastic students who craved to showcase their creativity and uniqueness through reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
From our school DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA, I along with some of my fellow mates took part in this event. As per the rule of the competition we were encouraged to read seven books for seven weeks and also composed reviews of those books with certainly faster our reading habit and analytical thinking. A workshop was also conducted to strengthen the concept of various part of this event that was indeed a very fulfilling experience. For the writing skill part, we had to develop well – crafted, thoughtful, story writing on the basis of a starting sentence, followed by some poster making.
In the speaking skill I was made the group leader of a group called “FOUR GEMS ” we had to deliver a speech on an instantly given topic by the eminent judges. That part was very much conducive to blossom our communication skill, logical thinking and confidence.
In the listening skill part, we were made to listen to a audio clip; on that basis we had to solve jumbled up cut out of a story in a proper order which stimulated our auditory skill, memorizing ability and interpretation expertise.
I was on cloud nine when my name was declared as one of the winner of first prize. I was overwhelmed to be awarded with A GOLD MEDAL; A CERTIFICATE ON MERIT AND A LETTER OF APPRECIATION. This competition was truly instrumental to amplify the young mind’s creativity, overall presentation skill and the boundary of knowledge.
Participating and wining the first prize of this challenge gave me endearing and special feeling.

Bristi Saha


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