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Post by, January 10, 2020

Class 4 sec E

My name is RupayanSaha and I am a student of class 4. Apart from my studies, I associate myself with different activities and hobbies among which I feel the most interested in Abacus.

My acquaintance with abacus started in April 2016 , when I had taken admission in UCMAS academy in Sodepur. UCMAS is an internationally based academy and different students from different parts of the world participate in competitions organised by UCMAS. There are generally two types of competitions organised by UCMAS- IG and State level and I have taken part in both of them of which the exams for IG are held in the centre itself and the state level was held in St.Xaviers’s college at first, at kakurganchi the next two times and at Nicco Park this year. In the state level, one has to do mental calculation of 200 sums within 8 minutes. I have bagged distinction in IG for 3 times and acertificate for mental and abacus the other time.

Apart from this, there are exams for 8 different levels in within the span of 4 to 6 months difference. I have already crossed 7 levels and have meanwhile appeared for the 8th level in November. I have received 3 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medal in these level exams. Along with this a star of the class badge for my good performance in the class. With the passing of this level, my course due abacus will be fulfilled and I will be called a graduate in abacus.

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