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Tribal mask- making

Post by, November 15, 2018

It was the 8th of December and I was selected for a Tribal Mask making competition which was an event in Rhapsody, 2017 at the Salt Lake CA School. I was excited as well as highly strung for the competition.

We started from our school at around 8:30am, and reached the Salt Lake School at around 9:15am, accompanied by two of our teachers. The Salt Lake School was beautifully decorated. The sitting arrangement was made in the school ground facing the stage. Many other schools had also come to take part in the events. The inauguration ceremony was held, after which one by one the events took place.

I waited for my turn enthusiastically. Then the announcement was made for the Mask making event, I moved to the allotted area where the event was to be held. It was about 2:30pm, I was very nervous, when the staff members told to start with our work… I took a deep breath and started. The event started at about 2:35pm; we only had an hour to complete our work. It was 3:35p.m. and the time was up, and I was happy that I could complete the mask on time. I made a mask inspired by the tribal masks of Indonesia. Then we were told to display the masks and step back. There were many other students from different schools who made very spectacular and innovative masks. Then the judge inspected our masks and also asked us to say a few lines about it. Then the results were finally declared. Just as the judge said that she had decided to give the first position to Alakananda Banerjee of Delhi Public School North Kolkata”. I was astonished for a moment…I was very happy. The judge appreciated my mask and awarded me with the winner’s trophy, the gold medal and the certificate. It was really a proud moment for me, everyone present there congratulated me and appreciated my mask. For this all the credit goes to Mr. Tamal Bhattacharya, I had done a mask making workshop with him in my summer vacations at Nehru Children’s museum and learnt the art of making 3d masks. Also a big thanks to my grandpa who motivated me to do those summer workshops and also I had practised hard for this competition. My family members and my teachers were very happy after hearing this news.

We returned to school at around 6:00pm. We were also provided with food packets. It was really a very nice experience at the Salt Lake CA School.

Alakananda Banerjee


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