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Together we read

Post by, November 15, 2018

We, the Bhagat House students of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, participated in a Together we read session which took place in our school on 27th day of July, 2017. I enjoyed the session very much. All the Bhagat House students of classes VII- IX were provided with books of their choice from the library. We all sat in silence and read the books and later on shared our ideas regarding the books we read with our friends. Many of us took up books on General Knowledge, Science discoveries and inventions and story books. This was a 60 minutes session. All the students were really thankful to the teachers for organizing such an amazing activity. In our daily lives, amongst the routine studies, we rarely get the time to read other books. But these 60 minutes of a ‘me-time’ which our teachers gave us was really beneficial for all of us.


Taniya Sarkar

       IX A


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