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The Stranger on the Road

Post by, November 14, 2018

The Stranger on the Road

Story by – Rajdeep Ghosh

Class X Sec D

Every writer thinks that writing is just imagination on a paper, but I came to know that this can be more than what it is. One Day I was Returning from my office, and came across a strange Person.

The Mysterious Person Came Towards me and asked me one thing, “Are you also a writer?” I was so surprised hearing that from a strange person like him. But some people might think why I am so surprised, and that is because I was an unknown writer and no one knew my real name. People knew only the pen name I used to publish my writings. Well being a bit confused and surprised I replied “Yes I am”. He handed over some pages to me and asked me to trust him and print the writings on the pages. I took some time to think, then decided to publish those writings.

Next day when I saw newspaper I got another shock, there was a picture of the person whom I met the previous day on the road, in the “Dead People” section and it was written that he was a famous writer and died while he was writing his last story. When his body was burned the story was lost and never found. Now if that’s not surprising to you then you are not a human.

That was the time in my life when I came to know that writing is just not creation on paper and it has a spiritual and a magical value, but I am happy that the person trusted me, not only as a human but as a writer. I can never find out what happened that day but whenever I used to tell people his story, I used to describe him as The Stranger on the Road.


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