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The Joy of Writing

Post by, November 15, 2018

The Joy of Writing

I have been reading the newspaper “The Telegraph” along with its supplement “T2” for the last two years. Generally, I used to read the comments and views of the people that came out in the feedback column on the various topics printed in the newspaper. This ignited the desire in me to write about the diverse topics illustrated in T2 and send the same to the newspaper agency. From my childhood I had a keen interest in cricket. Therefore, I decided to write whenever any view was expressed or question was asked about cricket. I wrote and sent for the first time and waited with baited breath for the outcome. Fortunately my maiden attempt brought me a satisfying result. My write-up was published in the T2. The fact that my words were printed in the newspaper, took some time to sink in. I was overjoyed. I made a few more attempts but it was only after a long span that my article was again published for the second time. It was really a proud moment for me to see that my writings along with my name got published twice. I would continue to strive to write more and seek a place in the feedback column of newspapers.

By – Asmita Pramanick, VIII-D

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