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Post by, November 14, 2018

Being a teacher I have attended many workshops where I have learnt how to manage classroom situation, evaluate the students properly, utilize curriculum by doing different activities and when I got a chance to attend a workshop organized by BIRLA INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM, I thought nothing new will be taught, but those two days workshop on science teaching strongly proved me wrong.

BITM organized a two days Teacher’s training programme for 20 teachers of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA which was held on 14th May and 21st May 2018. We the science teachers of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, reached the venue at 11o’ clock in the morning. Before the start of programme, Mr. Tushar Sengupta told us the historical significance of BITM. It was the residence of Satyendranath Thakur (uncle of Rabindranath Thakur). Our first chief minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy getting influenced by Japanese education system planned to establish the ‘TEMPLE OF SCIENCE’ – BITM.

The whole session of the first day was divided in two halves. In first half chemistry related activities were demonstrated by Mr. Tushar Sengupta with interaction and scientific explanation. He trained us how to deliver lesson of chemistry by creating a colourful magical classroom environment. In second half Mr. Debobroto Mukherjee demonstrated us different activities on physics like Bernoulli’s theorem, atmospheric pressure, inertia, electromagnetic induction by using very simple things like plastic bottles, soft balls, papers, lens, bulb etc. He trained us how to make the classroom livelier. Next, Mr. Dilip Ghosh discussed the use of animation in teaching of science where models cannot be made.

Second day (21st April, 2018) was also divided into two halves. In the first half, method of preparation of power point presentation was taught and we, teachers made power point presentation in pairs under the supervision of instructor. Then we visited different science galleries, including ‘HIGH VOLTAGE THEATRE’ which was an indescribable experience.

All of us had a wonderful experience. We will try our best to utilize our knowledge and experience to teach the students. We will remain thankful to our respected principal madam for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this Teacher’s Training Programme.

Science teachers of DPSNK

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