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Table-Tennis Championship

Post by, November 4, 2019

Table-Tennis Championship
I have been playing table tennis for more than a year now. I have learned to play it in Bhadrakali Athletic Club.
Our club had organised a table tennis championship game on 20th September 2019. I had participated in it though I was very nervous to participate. It was the East Calcutta District Championship organised by East Calcutta District Sports Council. Players from many other clubs had participated in it. I had played against a participant who was from Dinabandhu Club. He was quite good at playing the game. After a few rounds I was able to beat him. I was given the winner’s trophy along with a certificate.
It was a very proud moment for me. My aim is to become an excellent player in future and I hope to get more such opportunities in future.

Ishan Kumar Rai
Class IV Sec A

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