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Swami Vivekananda

Post by, November 15, 2018

I know a man as great as God

We can tell him as a lord.

He is a man like no other 

We can tell him as a spiritual father.

He is different

He is unique.

He is a person

We wish to meet

He showed us light

Even from the darkest site.

He showed us what to gain

Even from severe pain.

Told us the good in bad memories and faith.

Taught us the real meaning of sacred

With his words he brought-

An end to our confused minds.

For that we thank him a lot .

A humble man was he,

We respect him proudly.

He cured our minds to the core.

But there is one harsh truth that we can’t ignore

That Swami Vivekananda is no more.

But cheer up I know it pains,

But we have a reason for that again,

That he did not die in vain.

By his works, speeches and thoughts that he frames.

He will be there for us again!

      Sayontika Sen Gupta

      VIII C- 24

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