It happens only inDelhi Public School North Kolkata that children visit the most unique and lovely sessions of workshops. On the 21st of November some students who were interested in pottery or had prior experience in it, attended an Art Workshop in Pottery at Victoria Memorial Hall. The place was perfect for creative work with a calm, cool atmosphere where the mind was at ease and ideas poured in abundance.

In the midst of history and nature, students from various schools had gathered for this workshop. Each team sat in a circle and was given balls of clay. We started off on a creative quest, moulding our clay lumps to give shape to our imagination. We discussed our ideas with our team members and decided upon the most interesting and innovative ones. One of them was a tribal mask. A mentor guided us and showed us how to mould the clay properly.

We made things like a basket, a piggy bank, a cup and the most innovative one was a Film Fair Award Model! We had real fun as we learnt a whole lot of new things no matter to what extent our hands and clothes were muddy. We were absorbed in our craft and had a wonderful time. This ended with taking a group photograph with our school art teacher.

This workshop was more a creative adventure for all of us. We will preserve this memory with us throughout our lives.


 Anurupa Das

Class – IX B