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Rustic Song

Post by, November 14, 2018

On 8th December there was a rustic song competition which was an event in Rhapsody, 2017 at Salt Lake CA School. It was a group song. Along with me there was Anirudha, Dayita, Sneha, Sinjini and myself, Ahana Das.

We started from our school nearly around 8:30AM and reached Salt Lake CA nearly 9:15AM. We were accompanied by two of our teachers. The school was decorated beautifully. At first the inauguration ceremony was held. The sitting arrangement was made in their school ground facing the stage.

I eagerly waited for hours. There were many different schools that took part in this competition. We participated in the junior rustic song competition. Every school was brilliant and it was my first competition. I was quite nervous. After the performance of Salt Lake CA it was our turn. It was my first time to represent my school. Our song was a composition of three folk songs. They were ‘Bindha re palasher bon’, ‘Ekodino uri chali jaye’, ‘Dhoro haal sokto hathe’. We gave our best and keeping in mind all the points Sir told us to be careful about, we gave a magical performance. After us another six schools participated. The Salt Lake School was itself brilliant. So, we lost hopes for winning. After the senior rustic song competition the result for the junior was declared.

We were told to gather behind the stage. The judges came up on the stage and said a few words on the origin of folk songs. Salt Lake CA was the runner up. They received silver medals. Then the judges announced our school’s name as the winner. It was just a dream comes true to me. We went up to the stage and took our gold medals and also received a beautiful trophy. We also received certificates.

We returned to school nearly around 6p.m.. The host school also provided us with food packets. It was really a wonderful experience at Salt Lake CA School.

Ahana Das, Class VII, D

Sneha Kar, Class VII, B

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