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Post by, November 15, 2018

The students of Netaji House had organized a Story-telling Session. The students acted out and narrated stories in Hindi, Bengali and English. All the sections of grade III were shown the programme. The programme started with a word from our anchor. The English story was narrated and enacted at first followed by Bengali and Hindi respectively. All the teachers who were associated with the programme were very happy about the performance of the students. In the English story telling session, the story of Robin Hood was performed. In Bengali, the famous series of ‘Thakumar Jhuli’ was recited. A short performance was done in Hindi.

Unfortunately, our Principal ma’am could not witness the programme as she was busy in a meeting. The audience listened to the stories attentively. Everyone was very happy. Our Co-ordinator ma’am congratulated the Netaji House students for their performance. It was their hard work that got them the result. I would like to end with the quotation, “Hard-work is the key to success.”

Akash Chowdhury

Class- VII E

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