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Receiving a prize from Saroj Khan

Post by, September 27, 2019

Receiving a prize from Saroj Khan


The event occurred in March 2018. It was a inter school competition hosted by Gurukul. I danced to the tune of some popular Hindi songs. It was a western dance competition.


The event took place at Kolkata. Saroj Khan was the leading judge. I got a first prize in the competition and a certificate for doing well. Saroj Khan handed over the certificate to me. It was a wonderful experience for me, I shall never forget the moment when the result was announced and I was selected as the winner.


I want to participate in such events in future as well. I feel lucky to be a part of this. I am searching for future opportunities. It was a lifetime experience to receive a prize from the legend Saroj Khan herself. I try my best for more such achievements in my life. I love dancing and I will perform whenever I get to know about such events in future.


Name: Shalmi Dutta

Class:IV  Sec: K


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