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Post by, November 15, 2018

On 27th July we the Patel house members of DPS north Kolkata presented a puppet show before the students of class III.

Out teachers gave us the topics on which we had to showcase the puppets. Our main aim behind the show was to deliver joy to the juniors. This aim was fulfilled. Our presentation was based on the fairy tale Cinderella, the great epic Ramayana, subject- topic Early Humans and Bengali moral story Crocodile and the Monkey. We all got heart whelming response from our young friends. The programme’s aim or the success would not be achieved if there were no one like our teachers. During the rehearsal we had helped each other to make the puppets, to make the scripts and to read the story properly. We are all thankful to our Principal ma’am who keeps on giving us such type of opportunities to know ourselves better individually and help us by developing the creative part in us.




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