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Post by, November 15, 2018

Netaji House had performed an activity titled, “Puppet Fashion Show”. Respected Principal ma’am, Co-ordinator ma’am, teachers and our friends were present to attend the programme. Hence, we started the puppet show which was a much awaited one.

The first performance of the day was presented by the four unique playing card suits, the diamonds, the clubs, the hearts and the spades. The diamonds are the achievers, the clubs are the killers, the hearts are the socializers and the spades are the explorers.

The second performance was of the Rajasthani string puppets named, ‘Kathputlis’ and they ravished the stage on a Rajasthani folk song.

Next came Pinocchio who is a fictitious character and protagonist of a children’s novel. His role was played by a puppet here.

Last but not the least, came the team of ‘Goopi Gayen and Bagha Bayen’ to perform on the song, ‘Bhooter Raja dilo bor’.

The Puppet fashion show was a successful one because it was able to entice the whole audience towards it and carried us to a world of imagination and creativity. The whole of the audience appreciated the programme a lot.

By Ankita Dutta

Class IX, Sec – A. 

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