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“Poem Writing Session by Gandhi House”

Post by, November 15, 2018

In School, we have many opportunities to participate in various kinds of activities which help us to show our talent to the outer world and learn something from the activities. “Poem Writing” was one such event which took place in our school DPS North Kolkata, recently.
On 10th November, 2017 we the students of Gandhi House, had a Poem Writing Session on the theme of “Food”. I was looking forward to the competition.  I was very excited to be one of the participants in the session. The selected students were asked to write poems on food theme in their own words in any of the languages- English, Hindi or Bengali. At the starting of the session, I felt a bit nervous because I had never written a poem in my own words in school before but later I managed to write good poem in my own words on Food in English.

It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our poetic talent and our writing talent because many people have the poem writing ability but don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent. I am very thankful to our school teachers, who gave us this opportunity.  It was a great session and all the participants wrote poems in different languages. It was good for us because through this poetry writing, we were able to gain a command of knowledge, cultivate a strong vocabulary, and learn to write in imagery. Poetry fosters emotional expression, through self expression and exploration of one’s feelings.  It also improves our creativity and critical thinking, and our language of expression. After writing the poems, we gave our poems to our teacher who was the in charge of the session.

For me, it was a great opportunity and I grabbed it and I felt very good showcasing my own poetic talent and because I have never got any such opportunity in my previous school I felt very happy and contented after the session, managing a very good poem. I am very thankful to my school- DPS North Kolkata to explore our talent in writing poems and I would like to get more such opportunities in the future so that I could grab them with both hands!

Here’s a poem by Vinamra Roy Chowdhuryof Class IX D:

Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats,

We must have everything, nor this nor that

For a growing body, proteins are necessary

As winning is for sports! Make merry!

Healthy bodies are receptive to vitamins

A B D or K

Hope to have a longer life? They have the way

Teenagers are overactive,

Minds travelling fast, they quickly perceive;

Carbohydrates are their only ally;

Bread and starch add to their glory!

‘Cause this is what we make of our bodies ever after,

Intelligence high, brain works like a crafter;

Food is our biggest resource, along with water

It blesses us with life and health ever after.



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