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Post by, September 23, 2019



I am very grateful to PCRA which had organised a drawing competition on 14th August, 2019.It was abeautiful and an Eco-friendly step towards conservingnature. PCRA is an organisation which is one of the Indian Organisations to have taken a step towards oil conservation. Initially, I was bit sceptical about what I should draw as the concept was new to me. But I took up the challenge and took the plunge. I realized that it would not just be a piece of art but it should convey a very important message to save our mother earth. Natural resources are very important to us and it is imperative that we preserve them and use them judiciously in our daily life. The task was difficult as simple and abstract ideas were given and I had to give shape to an idea which would disseminate the message of conserving nature for the betterment of humanity. When the result was announced and I came to know that I was the winner, I felt on top of the world. It was a matter of pride as I could bring glory to the school and also Iam successful in conveying my idea. I want to thank our art teachers who gave me an opportunity to represent my school and be a part of this event. The beautiful recollections of winning a competition of such stature would be carved in my memory forever.


Name- UtsaPal

Class- VII

Sec- D

Roll no- 38

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