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Post by, November 14, 2018

There was a fest organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 22nd June 2018. Our school had participated mostly in every event, quiz, debate, face painting, recitation, music, fashion show and many more. Our team had participated in fashion show which comprised of 6 members. We all had practised a lot for this show and the result was that we have achieved our goal, to be the winner. Our teachers had encouraged us a lot and groomed us to be the best. Our team work has helped us a lot. Our event was on the 21st of June. That day was really special for all of us. Our theme was body shamming, which is a very big problem in today’s society. The presentation was perfect, at first we were a little tensed but after the show began everything seemed fine.

Everyone had cheered for us and appreciated us. The program was held in the auditorium of the Bhavans’ campus. The ramp was a “T” ramp. Everyone was dressed beautifully and our makeover was just perfect. Above all other things everyone had worked very hard and faced each and every event confidently. That day was a very special day for all of us. That was a special moment which had cut a line in our memories and will always stay with us forever.

By Mayuri Banerjee

Class X B

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