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Parent Counselling Session

Post by, July 16, 2019

Parent Counselling_Class X



For the last two decades the young generation of the age group 12 to 18 years has been passing through tremendous mental pressure in coping with the mounting expectation of parents regarding academics, behavior, conduct and obedience. This pressure gives rise to various kinds of behavioral disorders in children which are in most cases harmful to the children themselves. We perceive different kinds of psychological problems in teenagers the culmination of which is seen in the increase of suicides or murders among this age group.

Keeping this in mind, DPS North Kolkata took the initiative to address this serious and sensitive issue and organize a parent counselling session on 15th July 2019 in the school auditorium.  ANUBHAB POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY CLINIC successfully conducted a workshop with the parents of the present Class X students. The psychologists explained the scenario quite explicitly and gave the parents a precise understanding of the young adult psychology and behavioral pattern. They also guided the parents as how to conduct themselves before their children so as to gain their respect and love forever.

Parents shared and discussed their views quite freely. Principal ma’am gave her inputs at various junctures. Overall, the session was extremely beneficial and rewarding for the parents as well as the school representatives present there. Parents said that they would be looking forward to more such interactive sessions in future.



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