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Non – verbal Play

Post by, November 15, 2018

Everyone loves trips. It is enjoyable, relaxing and is filled with happy moments. Sometimes it serves some educational purpose also. Our school organized a trip for class VI to ‘Max Muller Bhavan’. We took our Principal’s consent and left for the trip from our school. The starting of the day was nice as we all went by the same bus. After reaching we felt a little commotion but it cooled down as the non – verbal act started. It was directed by Shantonil Ganguly who went to Berlin and got a motivation for creating this type of act. It spread the message that everyone needs a companion for him/her in his/her life. It illustrated the views of a man’s life as he lost all his friends and he was very upset but when he gets his lifelong partnership shadow, he actually starts to enjoy his life. It was a fiction, shadow and comedy play from which we learnt many things. I hope our school organizes more amusing trips which gives the students opportunities to explore different types of knowledge from outside the school.


  Class VI – D.

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