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Post by, November 14, 2018

On 19th July 2018 a Pot Painting activity was held in our school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata. It was an activity only for Netaji house students. The activity was held for the students of classes V and VI of Netaji house. It was held during the sixth period. After the fifth period when the bell rang we made a line and went to the 1st floor lobby. Everybody sat in a circle and took out their painting materials. The students had brought pots, painted in white colour, poster colours and paint brushes. While we were busy painting the pots, coordinator madam came to see the activity. Our topic was Monsoon. So, everybody drew something related to monsoon. The teachers present in the activity encouraged the students a lot. The activity ended peacefully. Both the teachers and students were happy. Monsoon is a very dull season but the coloured pots brightened up the environment.

Rishita Moitra


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