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My Balloon Container

Post by, October 21, 2019

My Balloon Container
Hello friends!! My name is Anant Srivastava and I am a student of class IV- A. I am going to share my experience about the balloon container I made recently. On Fridays, the first two periods are allotted for hobby club, and I am a member of the Art and Craft club. Our teacher told us to bring some balloons, 128 buttons, and gum. After blowing the balloons we covered it partly with buttons and let it dry for 3 hours. As we cut the end of the balloons slowly it released all the air and took the shape of a container. Initially I thought it would be a very hard task for me but after completing I was very pleased to see the result. The toughest time was to protect it for 3 hours. I had to hold it in hand the entire time while returning home. Dear readers, you should also try; it’s great fun!! Best of luck!!

Anant Srivastava

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