Music makes my way

Hello everyone! I am Priyanshu Biswas of Class III C in DPS north Kolkata. I am feeling fantastic as I have won the Inter- School CCA Synthesizer Competition in December 2017.

Seema Ma’am of our school came to me to know about my success. She was eager to know everything about the competition. I was also happy to share my experience with her.

Ma’am: Which competition did you participate in?

Me: I participated in the Inter- School CCA Synthesizer Competition.

Ma’am: Where was the competition held?

Me: It was held in Future Foundation School, Kolkata.

Ma’am: What music did you play?

Me: I played the tune of the Rabindrasangeet “Jagarone jai bibhabori”.

Ma’am: How did the other participants perform?

Me: All the participants performed skillfully. Some were afraid and instead of looking at the notebook they kept looking at the judges.

Ma’am: What did the judges say about your performance?

Me: The judges said that my key balance and chord pressure were quite good.

Ma’am: And then you won the first prize!

Me: Yes, ma’am. It was a hearty moment for me. I felt really very happy. Though I was a bit frightened in the beginning I performed to the best of my ability and here I am with the first prize. I thanked God, my parents and my music teacher for my success.

Ma’am was very happy to hear my experience and congratulated me. My friends also cheered for me.

Priyanshu Biswas