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Post by, November 15, 2018

A mock parliament was conducted by the students of class VIII A, courtesy of our class teacher Ma’am on whither our modern India proceeds. The topic mainly concentrated on the importance of education over military in the sector of annulment of budget.

A group of students represented the Education Minister and associates and another group represented the Ministry of Defence. The roles of the Honourable Speaker, The Advisory Board and the Prime Minister were played by different students. Given the current situation, Military occupied 30 percent of the Annual Budget whereas Education covered a measly 5 percent. The Education Board led by the Minister of Education requested for affixing 10 percent of the Annual Budget for Education while in this case, lowering the Military budget to twenty five percent. The Defence Minister enacted by Krishnapriya Ghatak opposed the proposition by emphasizing on the importance of militarization given India being a superpower and us living in a Nuclear Age. The Education Minister enacted by Khushi Bhattacharya believed in the importance of educating the future generation for a better India. She emphasized that India being a developing nation needs greater minds in larger numbers to make India the greatest nation as it once used to be. There was a heated argument on this matter between the two houses and it was well suppressed and controlled by the Speaker played by Saarnav Gupta. Finally the Advisory Board came to a conclusion of increasing the education bill to 8 percent whereas downsizing the Military Budget to 27 percent which went good with both the houses given even the Prime Minister enacted by Alapan Konar found it a good idea. Finally with the signatures of the Prime Minister, Speaker and affirmation of the President, the bill was passed. This session was then adjourned by the Speaker.

This activity helped us a lot in understanding how a parliament session works putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who run our great nation. This in the long run, helped us to get a better idea of the Parliamentary System of India.

Anurag Choudhuri


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