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Post by, August 8, 2019



The students of Delhi Public School North Kolkata had had the privilege to participate in Logique- 19 on the 3rd of August 2019.

Logique is an annual fest hosted by Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata. The entire fest seeks to foreground the cream of Mathematics, Technology and Logical Reasoning.

The participants were entertained by a meticulously conducted opening ceremony followed by the speech of the chief guest.

The events commenced from 9:30 a.m. which included Competitive Programming, Web Development, Gaming Event, Quiz and other general events.

We participated in almost all events which in turn enriched our competitive skills and experience.

The fest came to an end with an engaging closing ceremony which was again followed by the distribution of prizes. The winner of Logique-19 was Delhi Public School Ruby Park, Kolkata, the host school and the runner up was Ram Krishna Mission for Boys. The final conclusion was drawn by the Head Boy of the school with the Vote of Thanks.

Delhi Public School Ruby Park succeeded to implicate the values and ideals of discipline, cooperation and sportsmanship in organizing the whole programme. The high interactive skills of the teachers and students added to the grace of the programme.




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