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Inter- House Quiz Competition

Post by, November 15, 2018

The DPS houses buzzed with activities. An inter house quiz competition was announced for students of V, VI and VII. I was very much excited to be one of the conductors. This competition was held on 7th July, 2017 in the 6th period. Most importantly our audience was students of Class VIII. The participants along with the audience gathered in room no. 5/1. Riona and I started the programme with a beautiful speech followed by a briefing of the rules and regulations of the Quiz Contest. There were 5 rounds. Each participant was excited and nervous at the same time for the competition. The names of the rounds were as follows:

Round 1 – Based on History and Mythology

Round 2 – Based on Personality

Round 3 – Visual round based on Entertainment

Round 4 – Based on Sports

Round 5 – Based on Science

The various rounds in the quiz helped the participants to showcase their depth of knowledge and intelligence on various topics. First of all, a toss was made according to which Gandhi house to answer first, followed by Bhagat House, then Patel House and finally Netaji House.

The audience cheered their respective houses with full energy and enthusiasm.  Gandhi House won the day; followed by Netaji House. Bhagat house and Patel House got the third and fourth positions respectively. On the whole, we loved the programme and enjoyed it a lot.


By Soham Roy Choudhury


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