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Post by, November 14, 2018

On the 2nd of August 2018, an INTER HOUSE ONE ACT PLAY COMPETITION was held in our school. All the four houses participated in it.

Bhagat House enacted “The Boss came to Dinner”. It was a play based on Parent- child relationship. Gandhi House enacted a play called “Cell- phone Zombies”. It was based on the extreme ill- effects of the overuse of electronic gadgets. Patel House performed the well- known humorous play “Refund” by Frigyes Karinthy. It showed how an undeserving candidate was outwitted by his former teachers, when he came to take the refund of his school fees on false grounds. Netaji House played “The Moral Code” which was based on correction and reformation of criminals.

The judgment was done by Mr. Ujjal Malakar and Mrs. Subhanwita Guha, both theatre personalities. Gandhi House emerged as winner and Patel House was the first runner- up. The audience which comprised of the Class XI students of our school cheered for the performers. Preet Agarwal of Patel House who played the role of Wasserkoff, the student, in the play “Refund” was declared the Best Actor by the judges.

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