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Post by, November 14, 2018

The four houses of Delhi Public School North Kolkata once again locked horns and this time to make the best model city. We planned the best kind of city that can be thought of where an unfailing supply of electricity will be secured with the help of solar energy and wind energy; where factory and domestic wastes can be managed in the best possible way; where water will be used and not misused; where oil can be extracted from unusual sources and used in the best possible way; where multi- storeyed buildings will not face any problem due to height and weather conditions and where bridges will fold away to allow the passage of large ships using a hydraulic mechanism.

We sought to achieve an eco-friendly atmosphere where a densely populated metropolitan city will enjoy good health and happiness. Our friends of Classes VII and VIII along with the teachers came to see our endeavours. We presented our models by explaining them.

Our principal ma’am was very happy to see all the models and could not put one above the other. So, she declared all houses as winners. It was so nice that all of us won at the end of the day.

Students of all houses


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