On the 23rd of November 2017 our school, DPS NORTH KOLKATA, organised an Inter house “Folk Dance Competition”. All the four houses were involved in the competition. We had our Principal ma’am and coordinator ma’am as our guests. Class VII was the audience. Participants were taken from class VII, VIII and IX. At first it was the performance of Bhagat house. They performed Jhumur which is a folk dance of Bengal. The second performance was by Patel house. They performed Bihu, which is a folk dance of Assam. The third performance was by Gandhi house. They performed Ghumar, the folk dance of Rajasthan. The fourth performance was by Netaji house; they performed Cherao which is the folk dance of Mizoram. Each house had 10 participants.

It was a splendid performance. I was visualising the tribal life; their varied dressing patterns and traditions through these dance performances. Our dance teacher, Mahua ma’am, was the judge. After the show Mahua ma’am announced Patel house as the winner, Netaji house got the second position followed by Bhagat house in the third position. I want to thank all our teachers who have given us this opportunity to know the culture of the indigenous groups of our country through this cultural event.

RIONA SAHA (Patel house)