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Post by, November 15, 2018

On 31st October 2017, Delhi Public School, North Kolkata held an Inter House Debate Competition for the classes of VIII and IX in the 5/1 Room. The audience in this occasion were the students of class VII and the teachers of the four different houses that took part in it, viz. Bhagat, Patel, Gandhi and Netaji house. The debate discussion was held on the topic ‘Reservation for Women’. A student of Patel House was asked to host this occasion. Four of the houses were seated in separate benches, side-by-side, and were asked to speak either ‘for the motion’ or ‘against the motion’. Each house was represented by four of its students, among which two students spoke ‘for’ and two students spoke ‘against’ the motion. Each student was given three minutes to state their views and a teacher present in the room was asked to keep record of the time. The students speaking ‘for the motion’ stated points like- in the past, women were deprived of their rights. So, now they should get equal representation as men. But, the students speaking ‘against the motion’ countered them by saying- seats aren’t reserved for the male domination and if we are talking about equality, then why reservation? Aren’t the women capable themselves to earn themselves a seat?

Our honourable Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Manjir Ghosh and our co-ordinator ma’am were the judges and they judged the houses on the basis of their presentation, content and fluency. At the end of this competition, with a total score of forty one out of fifty, Gandhi house won the competition along with Bhagat house securing the second position in the competition with thirty seven marks.

This debate competition showcased what the students of our school are capable of as speakers. This also showcased the capabilities of the students to fight to state their opinions by referring to the right points.

–          AAHELI BARMAN

–          CLASS IX- D

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