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In Love with Competitions

Post by, November 14, 2018

Our school, DPSNK, took part in an Inter-school competition organised by Hind Motor high school on 11th of October 2018. It was a part of the Carnival named ‘Cassiopeia’.

Our school participated in almost all the events, music, art and dance both eastern and western. About 10 students participated in the events. We were elated and anxious about the competition. We were escorted by one of our teachers and went in a school bus. As soon as we reached the Hind Motor complex, the events took place one after another.

I participated in the face painting competition and one of my classmates, Jennifer Sheikh was my companion. Jennifer sat patiently for two long hours while I painted her face. Her patience and my learning paid. We secured the second runners up prize in face painting.

Our western dance performance was also a commendable one and received the first runner up prize.

Every participant gave his or her best bit. However, in a competition someone has to win over others.

We joyfully returned to our school after the prize distribution ceremony was done.




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