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I am proud to be a Dipsite

Post by, November 15, 2018

School is a place unparalleled to its ability to shape one’s future based on his or her potential. A school is often termed as the temple of learning and a house for future citizens. My school, Delhi public School, North Kolkata, is a part of the renowned DPS society known for its educational establishment in the society. However, my school is a young one, which started on 23rd April, 2014. It was a joint effort done by three personalities, already famous in the field of education.

The relation between the teachers and the students are extremely cordial. The students are always helped in need and are cared individually. Special remedial classes are conducted to reduce the pressure of academics of students needing help. Principal Ma’am spend two and half hours every evening to groom the students of class IX, who need some special attention.

We have activity classes like singing, dancing, painting, Film studies, instrumental, debates, cooking, etc. I, myself, have participated in activities like Quiz, instrumental and Photography. Every day is a new day for us, as school assembly is presented in interesting ways. Students perform skits, dance, speech and songs on various topics and themes to spread the awareness and to offer opportunities to each of us to perform in front of all.

I can feel a difference in this school, as we are going through a process of learning and we are never bound in the four walls of class rooms. We are always looking beyond the borders and encouraged to explore rather than to imitate. I am proud of my school.


Class IX – B

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