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Post by, November 15, 2018

On 11th May Thursday our school, DPSNK, arranged for a special teaching learning session that was organised by Oxford University Press in the school premises. Selected students of class VII participated in this audio visual role play. Along with many of friends I also participated in this session. Our history teacher first told us about this role play shooting and then guided us all along. People from Oxford University came and showed us how to do the role play. It was a role play on Akbar and his Ibadat khana and how he used to implement his policies. We were given scripts beforehand and we had to learn it. We rehearsed many a times in the class. Then, finally on 11th May we performed that in front of the camera. It was like a real shooting. I was amazed and happy as it was the first time I acted in front of camera. We had enjoyed it very much. After doing this role play we learned how Akbar abolished Jazia (tax on the non- Muslims) and how he allowed all religions in his Ibadat khana to discuss about religious matters. Akbar’s liberal mind amazed us and we came to know more about Akbar the Great.

Swattik Nag


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