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Post by, October 1, 2019


There was an incredible workshop on history hosted by one of the most prestigious educational institution of Kolkata, Indus Valley World School. Delhi Public School North Kolkata was among the many notable schools invited on this special occasion. As the world peace day, they were celebrating 20th September by consolidating all the renowned institutions of Kolkata on one platform discussing about “peace and the post war generation.”
There was a brief introduction about peace and how it is interwoven with man’s enlightenment given by the respected chancellor of Ashoka University and the indispensable monarch, Dr. Rudrangshu Mukherjee.
We were taken to a trip down the memory lane by short introductions and videos which conspicuously reminded us again about the catastrophic aftermath of a war. We were given a chance to voice our opinions and viewpoints about peace and how it should be maintained in today’s contemporary world. We were shown certain clippings and short documentaries which gave us some idea about the post war period and also the enormity of the casualties sent chills down our spine. We were advised to watch some of the notable Oscar winning films such as “the Nuremberg Judgment” etc to transform ourselves from “more learned” to “less learned” youth in the post war era. We also had an interactive session on this issue and discussed on how to begin with the grass root level to spread worldwide peace and stop vandalizing the human civilizations. The workshop concluded with the promise taken by us that we will commemorate each and every day and not just one day in the near future as “Peace Day’’ and celebrate the eternity and infinity of peace.


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