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Post by, November 14, 2018

There was an Annual Inter DPS English Literary Festival held on 1st December, 2017, Friday under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society. There were two types of events, online events and onsite events. Under online events there were Slogan writing, Haiku writing, Limerick writing, Poetry writing and Twitter talent. Under onsite events there were Spell Bee, Les Quizerables, Proverbial tales, Speech ahoy, Debate and two characters in search of actors (dramatic extract). My partner Tamoghna Majumdar and I were selected for Haiku Writing under online events.
Haiku is a Japanese style of poem writing which consists of three lines. The format of Haiku is that the first line consists of four syllables, the second line consists of seven syllables and the third line again consists of four syllables. On 1st December at about 9 a.m. we assembled at the computer lab, and at a particular time we opened the particular website. For Haiku writing there were different topics like Monsoon, River, and Clouds. We wrote on all the topics first then the one which was best according to the teachers was taken and it was “THE RIVER”. After some two or three weeks the results was out and to our utter delight DPS NORTH KOLKATA stood first in Haiku writing. We were called by Principal ma’am to receive the certificates during the next assembly. It was a wonderful experience.

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