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Guitar Recital Gandhi House

Post by, November 15, 2018

Guitar Recital

Gandhi House

It all started from the second week of March. We, the members of Gandhi House, of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NORTH KOLKATA, were informed about a Guitar Recital programme which was to be conducted by our house on the 20thof March.

Pallav Sir, our guitar teacher and Prasun Sir, our music teacher were given the responsibilities to guide us. Five students were selected for the recital. We were asked to select a few songs for our performance. We selected Raabata by Arijit Singh, the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic theme song, Castle of Glass music, Phule Phule ,Love me like you do by Ellie Gouldin. During rehearsals, we faced a few synchronization disputes among us but gradually everything got solved with our effort and hard work. After all our efforts, it slowly took a good shape and we reached the final week.

It was the morning of 20th March, we were excited to perform. In the 5th period we went to the 5th floor. 5/1 room was the venue for our performance. We checked all technical matters, did a stage rehearsal. Class VII was the audience. They were really cheerful. We performed really well but there was a minor mistake from our side. we did not communicate with the audience about what we played; we just performed what we rehearsed without taking into consideration the audience. This flaw was pointed out to us by our Principal Ma’am. The teachers praised us but they also suggested the same thing what Principal Ma’am said.

We had mixed feelings at the end of the show. We promised ourselves not to make any such mistake in future.

Indranil Das

Class X B

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