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Post by, November 15, 2018

In our school, DPS North Kolkata, most of the learning takes place through activity method. To learn about Light and shadow we were taken to the Activity Room by our Class Teacher. At first, ma’am darkened the room by drawing the curtains. Then she lit a candle and placed it on a chair. There was a whiteboard behind the candle. Our teacher asked us to make some figures with our fingers and hand. The shadow of our hands fell on the board. We made different kinds of shapes with our hands and had fun watching the shadows. All my friends loved to see the shadow of an elephant made by me. We also made snakes, zebras, deer, birds, butterflies and so on. We learnt that when light falls on a solid object its shape is seen on another object or screen. This dark shape is called a shadow.

Thanks to our teacher.

Riddhit Majumdar

Class IID

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