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Post by, November 14, 2018

Football is the most famous game and perhaps the oldest game. And the world cup comes after every four years. It is the grandest stage and biggest prize for football. This is the time where people from different countries, different places and from different part of the world come together to witness and cheer up for their teams.

In every four years FIFA WORLD CUP is held in different nations. This time it was held in Russia. Twelve venues across twelve cities were selected for the matches. This was the 21st world cup. This was also the first time where VAR (VIDEO ASSISTANT REFREE) was used in a world cup. Millions of tourists came to Russia from across the globe to witness the game. Every year 32 teams are been selected. This year was the year of the underdog teams. Panama and Iceland was the debutant for the world cup this year. Many heart-breaking incidents took place this year. In the first place, the world cup favourites and the defending champions Germany was eliminated in the group stage. And the teams which were anticipated by people to go at least to the quarterfinals or semi-finals were wrong. Next Argentina and Brazil were knocked out.

The final was played between France and Croati. France outshined Croatia and became victorious. France won their second world cup title. It was really a memorable world cup with many uncanny things which will be remembered for a long time.



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