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Exuberance and Enigma Kalakosh 2019

Post by, June 20, 2019

Exuberance and Enigma

                                                      Kalakosh 2019


Kalakosh the annual school fest of South Point High School was a huge success like every time. Like every other participating school, Delhi Public School North Kolkata, had taken part in the event and was appreciated by all. Our participants of Satrangi, the inter school singing competition, witnessed some beautiful composition from different schools, which not only set the energy but mesmerised us all. Around eight schools from different parts of the city had competed against each other. The event had a preliminary round, followed by the three segments, TARANG, TARANNUM, and TERE SUR AUR MERE GEET. Our school had excelled graciously in the preliminary round, as held on the 22nd of April 2019. The song “Papa kehte hain” stole everyone’s heart in the prelims.


On the final day of the event (7/5/2019) we witnessed a whole round of appreciation and applause. As we all say, “Participation is more important than winning” we the students of Delhi Public North Kolkata, not just participated, but won hearts too. A standing ovation by the judges Kalyan Sen Barat and Chandrabali Rudra., and the entire crowd of the auditorium made our day. Though our school didn’t manage to bag a position in the competition, but we did manage to be remembered by all. The song “Amar swadh na mitilo” by Hemanta Mukhopadhyay though, did not carry us to the winner’s desk, but made us proud, as we put our best efforts, only to win hearts. The event took place at G.D. Birla Sabhaghar, while the event had myself  Sreesha Ganguly of class 11A, Mayurika Das of 8A and Manjima Chakraborty of 9D as participants.


Sreesha Ganguly


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