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Environment Dance

Post by, November 15, 2018

On 11th of August 2017, students of the Bhagat House of Delhi Public School North Kolkata, performed a dance drama based on the theme, “Environment”. The dance drama comprised of five songs. It portrayed a story, telling us the importance of our environment and how we humans are destroying it. The first dance performance was on the song “Dekho re noyon mele” where the humans are appreciating the beauty of nature. But then comes man’s greed where he cuts down the trees, which is portrayed through the song “Na kato mujhe dukhta hain”. As a result of the trees being cut, the natural phenomenon which occurs is drought shown through “Bistirno duparer oshyonkho manusher hahakar” song. Another disaster which results due to man’s actions is “Fire”. We portrayed the fire sequence through a music played by Bikram Ghosh. Then, man realises his mistake and craves for rainfall as his crops can’t grow properly. Nature finally gives us the rain through “Jhuti muti mitwa”. Finally our dance ended with the song ” Ekdin jhor theme jabe” where man promises to check his greed and conserve our nature. Students of different classes participated in this programme. A few props were made portraying trees. We all enjoyed practicing for and performing in the entire activity. I am thankful to my teachers for organising such a programme in school.



Shreyosi Dutta


Bhagat House

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