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Effects of pandemic on young children

Post by, July 16, 2020

Effects of pandemic on young children

By Subhajit Manna


Kolkata, 14th July : Everyone across the world is affected by the Covid-19, pandemic. The disease proved to be a deadly one, and millions of people got contaminated across the world, within a span of a few days, To prevent contamination, Govt. of India, declared a countrywide lockdown for 3 months on 23rd March, 2020. Many businesses suffered a huge amount of losses during the lockdown. Financial institutions were one among them. Due to the shutting down of small and medium enterprises, the workers and the daily wage labourers, lost their jobs overnight, surging a huge spike in the number of over 22 million, in India.

As, the most of the population in India are youth, their education and holistic development was hampered as most of them were confined to homes. A new trend, named online teaching came up to help the students, to prevent them missing a crucial year of education. Schools and colleges got shut for several months, making the students miss the class like interaction with teachers. The online teaching was not a replacement of a class. The teachers and the students were made to work harder than ever, due to the lack of proper infrastructure. Adolescents in this phase of development, suffered the most due to the less interactions with their peers, leading to a detrimental effect on their physical and mental-wellbeing. The younger children also got affected in their growth, when they can’t use the playground to have fun with their friends. The screen time of all the professionals got increased, due to the work from home trend. Eye strain and dizziness are some of the problems which affected the younger children due to the increase in the screen time. Wearing a mask, while we step out and maintain social distancing is the new normal of society.  The economy has gone down to recession during this pandemic, making investors count the losses.

Science now is of no help to humans, as it made the virus, but the chances of getting an authenticated vaccine is very low. Researchers and scientists are in the process of developing the same. The situation can be fought by maintaining the guidelines given by the Govt. and also by maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing.








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